Advantages of TAMI membrane

Range of filtration:

The available cut-offs of TAMI membranes cover the largest filtration range among all the ceramic membrane manufacturers (from microfiltration to fine ultrafiltration).

Membrane shapes:

TAMI non-circular channels (under patent) permit to increase the filtration surface compared to a circular channel membrane with similar hydraulic diameter. Different geometrical shapes are available to satisfy client expectations.

Membrane composition:

TAMI membrane supports are all made of pure TiO2. This high quality material gives the following advantages:

  • Pressure burst point > 90 Bars
  • Average pore diameter 4.5μm
  • Operational temperature <250o C
  • Chemical stability:
    • acid and basic solution do not have influence on the support (including concentrated hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids)
    • resistant to solvents
  • pH: 0-14
  • TAMI membrane composition material does not endanger human health unlike membranes made of other material such as alumina.


TAMI membrane active layers are made of TiO2 and/or ZrO2 depending on the filtration range. These materials give the following advantages:

  • Operational temperature < 250o C
  • ??? Chemical stability:
    • Resistant to acid and basic solution except concentrated hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids.
    • Resistant to solvents
  • ?pH range: 0-14 (MF/UF)??? 2-14 (fine UF)
  • Autoclave sterilization (121°C/30mn)